The Relationship

Most people who know me know I’m in love with a couple of things.  Film making, my Lakers and Southern California.  That’s pretty much it… for now With most relationships, there are the ups and downs, smiles and frowns.  My downs with the filmmaking is only the fact that I can’t do it enough.  Only I would pick the art… Read more →

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Forever Mine…

  That moment I closed my eyes and kissed you I knew I was traveling down a road of sin. The softness of your breath, the taste of your mouth Had my heart race, as my lust for you caressed your skin The whiff of your natural scent drove me crazy Making me connect with my animal instincts Forcing my… Read more →

hands up

My Hands Are Up…

Something I wrote two days ago inspired by the events going on in Ferguson, MO… My Hands Are Up My hands are up, that means don’t shoot. My hands are up, which means I didn’t loot My palms face the sky, my expression screams why My shirt is wet, soaking up tears from those who cry Open season, the season… Read more →


The Last of a Dying Breed…

Well it’s that time of the year again and the trailer for NBA2k15 was released today. A basketball game I’ve been playing now for 15 years. Every year that trailer comes out, I can’t lie I still get excited about picking that game up and putting a clinic on one of my poor victims. I’ve been playing basketball games since… Read more →